Date: January 17, 2018

When: 12pm to 1pm, EST

Topic: The effect of concussion history on relevancy-based sensory gating


Speaker: Meaghan Adams PT, PhD

Meaghan Adams received a MScPT from Queen’s University and a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Waterloo. Her research focuses on the neural mechanisms involved in processing competing sensory inputs, as well as on the cortical changes underlying concussion and post-concussion syndrome. She works clinically in the area of vestibular rehab.


This talk will discuss the concept of sensory “gating” as a mechanism for orienting attention, the neural networks involved in gating, and how it is affected by a history of concussion.

  • Patients sometimes present with sensory difficulties after concussion or traumatic brain injury, and we often attribute this to difficulty “filtering” incoming inputs. This presentation will present the results of a series of experiments which were designed to test this clinical hypothesis.
  • The goal of the presentation is to help participants understand how concussion relates to the neural networks involved in attention and sensory processing.