Welcome to the Neuro Network! These are reviews are done by experts in neurological physiotherapy research. The experts will provide a brief summary of a landmark or practice-changing article in the field of neurosciences. Our hope is to translate exciting research into neurological physiotherapy practice. 

These are challenging times in health care, as we try to keep ourselves current on providing the most effective care to our patients. Here at the Neurosciences Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, our goal is to create a community network to share support, resources, and tips amongst each other to help us all adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of neurological physiotherapy practice. We understand that our members work in many different environments, and we want to optimize our reach to every member in NSD and facilitate knowledge translation.

Let’s continue to be there for each other. Reach out to one another, attend webinars or online courses, contribute to discussions and be engaged with the Neurosciences Division to maintain a sense of community. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!